Blue surge

Blue Surge by Rebecca Gilman tells the story of Curt, a small-town cop, and Sandy, the 18-year old prostitute he meets in a raid on a massage parlour. Curt finds an unlikely kindred spirit in Sandy and begins a relationship with her that puts everything he’s worked for – his career, his friendships, and his engagement to his fiancee – at risk. But Curt sees a future with Sandy, an escape from his difficult past. As the two of them chase their dreams, they must learn a skill that is foreign to them both: they must learn to hope.

Blue Surge appeared on stage at Studio 16 from August 24th – September 4th, 2010 featuring Jeremy Leroux, Megan McGeough, Chris Rosamond, Tara Pratt & Claire Lindsay. Directed by Sabrina Evertt.