2017/2018 Projects Announcement

We are super excited to announce the details of Firepot's upcoming Development & Workshop of our flagship production, “The Circus Project”, as well as the details of our other upcoming projects in development.

Cirucs Project.jpg

“The Circus Project” (working title)
created & devised by the ensemble

Development & Workshop

December 4 – 23, 2017

CircusWest, Vancouver, BC


In the fall of 2016, Firepot Performance began Research & Development for the creation of an original, devised physical theatre production.

Using the circus as a metaphor for the controlled, curated persona we present to the world, “The Circus Project” takes inspiration from a particular incident in the novel The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, in which a magical travelling circus loses its balance, “breaks” momentarily, and shatters the illusion of its perfection. Why do we perform perfection, masking the imperfections of our minds and bodies, hiding our brokenness, our disease, our injuries? As human beings burdened by shame, fear, and past trauma, “The Circus Project” explores our common ability to brave that which limits us, and asks the question: what does it mean to be truly heroic?

In partnership with CircusWest and its Artistic Director, Jay Nunns, the Development & Workshop of “The Circus Project” will be led by Artistic Director, Sabrina Evertt, and Artistic Associate, Julie McIsaac, featuring Sidonie Adamson, Patti Allan, Nabil Ayoub, Cameron Fraser, Lisa Metz, Sean Sonier, Lindsay Warnock and Agnes Tong.

The premiere of “The Circus Project” is slated for 2018/2019.


“The Greek Play Project” (working title) adapted & devised by the ensemble.

Research & Development

March/April 2018 (exact dates TBA)



Firepot Performance is excited to announce the next project slated for development. In the spring of 2018, led by Artistic Director, Sabrina Evertt, and featuring Firepot’s Associate Artists – Christina Cuglietta, Alison Jenkins & Stephanie Izsak – the ensemble will begin Research & Development for “The Greek Play Project”.

Inspired by the complex female characters in Greek mythology, from Medea to Electra to Antigone, this project will feature an all-female ensemble exploring the universal theme of what it means to be a woman in a man’s world from Ancient Greece through contemporary Western society.

Development & Workshop of the project will continue through 2018/2019 and is slated to premiere in 2019/2020.