The bomb-itty of errors

A fast-paced, musical “ad-rap-tation” of Shakespeare’s comedy of mistaken identities, this show infuses Elizabethan times with hip-hop flavour. The actors sing, rap, and rhyme catchy and laugh-out-loud songs that retain much of the Bard’s original text—all while a DJ spins original music onstage. The tale involves not one but two sets of twins who grow up unaware of his zygote-mate’s existence, but, fear not, their lives will indeed intersect in hilarious and madcap ways. Featuring Brian Cochrane, David Kaye, Niko Koupantisis & Jameson Parker. Directed by Catriona Leger.

Presented by the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, BC for its 50th Anniversary Season running at the Revue Stage from April 10 – May 10, 2014.

Presented by the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, BC running from August 5 – 24, 2014