The Bomb-itty of errors

A fast-paced, energetic, musical “ad-rap-tation” of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Elizabethan times are pumped up with live hip-hop flavour, as the actors sing, rap and rhyme fun, catchy and laugh-out-loud songs that retain much of the Bard’s original text – all with original music and a live DJ on stage.

The Bomb-itty of Errors appeared on stage at Studio 16, in a co-production with Temporary Thing, from April 4 – 22, 2012 featuring Brian Cochrane, David Kaye, Niko Koupantsis & Jameson Parker. Directed by Catriona Leger.

Nominated for 4 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards including:

  • Outstanding Production
  • Outstanding Direction – Catriona Leger

Winner of 2 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards for:

  • Outstanding Costume Design – Vanessa Imeson
  • Significant Artistic Achievement, Outstanding Ensemble Performance with Music & Live DJ – Brian Cochrane, David Kaye, Niko Koupantsis, Jameson Parker & DJ Oker Chen