Firepot performance is committed to transforming the way theatre is made & received.

Formerly twenty something theatre, the organization was founded in 2006.

CORE Values

Ensemble, Process, Rigour, Creation, Community


  • all individuals working on a project are considered part of the artistic ensemble
  • offer artists a fun, stimulating, healthy home
  • utilize a process that fosters communication, connection & trust
  • a collective responsibility for the momentum & progress of the work is vital
  • welcome, encourage and take care of one another & our audience


  • push ourselves to the precipice of our abilities
  • plunge into the unknown & chart new territory
  • require respect and demand focus & commitment
  • question & consider our practices and their impact


  • audience experience guides and shapes creation & performance
  • invite other artists and community members to observe & participate
  • provide meaningful opportunities for the community to engage with our performances & connect with our artists
  • share & disseminate our skills and values to educate the greater community and improve the world


  • prepare, stregthen and condition our minds & bodies
  • build schedules, structures & rituals customized to each project
  • create & rehearse with freedom, intuition & physical response
  • contemplate & reflect as a daily practice


  • devise & create bold and surprising original work
  • transform audience experience by reimagining existing work
  • combine & integrate multiple artistic forms
  • provide artistic encounters that are immediate, honest & visceral
  • generate work that feeds, reflects & connects us to something greater